Photographer Cam Kirk revealed that there's a completed version of Metro Thuggin that the world never got to hear. While we speak metaphorically of projects being shelved, it looks like Kirk actually has a copy of the at-one-time hotly anticipated full-length from Young Thug and Metro Boomin on a shelf somewhere.

Kirk shared a photo of the project, complete with what looks to be a booklet, a jewel case photo, and an outer cover to Twitter. He said that he wanted the rest of the world to hear what he has had the chance to hear, even after Thug has released approximately 300 studio albums.

"I wish the world got to hear [Metro Thuggin]" he wrote along with the images.

While the project between the then-ascendant superstars Metro Boomin and Young Thug was fawned over and speculated about for months, label problems and a possible beef between Metro Boomin and Young Thug put the project on ice permanently. 

Boomin himself seems to have given the final clear word on the project, telling fans to direct their questions about the project to the 300 label. Eventually, a mixtape made up of leaked Young Thug and Metro Boomin tracks called Metro Thuggin made its way around the internet, but the actual official tape has never been released (and, at this point, probably won't be). 

Take a look at Kirk's completed version of Metro Thuggin up top and wildly speculate about what sort of otherworldly trap songs lie within.