Pusha-T Fires Back at Drake on "The Story of Adidon"

Pusha gets personal on the response to "Duppy Freestyle."

Pusha-T's response to Drake's "Duppy Freestyle" diss is here, and he's not pulling any punches.

After Drake made things personal by mentioning Pusha-T's engagement to Virginia Williams on "Duppy Freestyle," Pusha had no problem bringing up sensitive moments from Drake's past on the response. Over Jay-Z's "The Story of OJ" beat, Pusha brings Drake's family into things right away as he mentions Dennis Graham and raps, "You mention wedding ring like it's a bad thing/Your father walked away at five, hell of a dad thing."

You can hear "The Story of Adidon" on SoundCloud now.


On Instagram, Pusha shared the artwork for "The Story of Adidon," which appears to be a photo of Drake with his face painted black. Pusha writes, "Virginia Williams shan’t ever be mentioned in song by ANYONE aside from me."

Pusha also took to his IG Story and Twitter to say that the blackface photo of Drake used for the diss track was not photoshopped.

Please stop referring to this picture as “artwork”...I’m not an internet baby, I don’t edit images...this is a REAL picture...these are his truths, see for yourself https://t.co/gd6vRS3HM8 pic.twitter.com/2el58HEZ8F
Yes sir that’s really drake in black face pic.twitter.com/Ogi9gcjOfa

A while later, the photographer who took the pics of Drake in blackface, David Leyes, hopped on Twitter to ask for the photo used by Push to be taken down. 

@StevenVictor hey Steven Please get Push to take the Drake photo down asap

The photo was then removed from Pusha's IG. 

Elsewhere in "The Story of Adidon," Pusha brings up rumors that Drake is the father of a child with Sophie Brussaux:

Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother
Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her
A baby's involved, it's deeper than rap
We talkin' character, let me keep with the facts
You are hiding a child, let that boy come home
Deadbeat mothafucka playin' border patrol, ooh
Adonis is your son
And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that's real
Love that baby, respect that girl
Forget she's a pornstar, let her be your world

Pusha recently told Vulture he was ready for the response to "Duppy Freestyle." He explained, "I'm ready for everything that comes with it. Everything. And we gonna deal in truths. If that's what we gonna do, and that's what we really, really, wanna deal in, let's deal in real truths. Because, I feel like I was questioned. My truth was questioned, and I'm gonna deal in truths all summer long. If everybody wanna deal in that, then I have no problem with that, I think it's great. Think the world needs truth."

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