OVO Hush Calls Out Pusha T, Says He Has "Back to Back Phobia"

Well, this could get intersting.

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Pusha T's new album, Darkest Before the Dawn, just dropped today, but not everyone is congratulating him on the release. In fact, OVO crew member Hush is doing the exact opposite and instead is calling out Pusha on his Instagram page. Hush posted a clip of Pusha speaking with Rob Markman from Genius about a line on the album that was possibly referring to Drake and Puff Daddy's rumored fight in Miami.

In the clip, Pusha said that he never talked to Puff about the incident and that the line wasn't really about that. Hush apparently found that hard to believe, and in the comment section of the post wrote, "When you don't like someone but you know they can destroy you effortlessly."


Hush then included a variety of humorous hashtags like #AtLeastMeekHasNicki and #BacktoBackPhobia, which might indicate that the OVO squad is ready for battle. Of course, Pusha and Drake have been at odds for years but have never fully gone blow for blow against each other. Could this be the tipping point? We'll continue to update when more information comes out. 

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