One of the four men arrested for his alleged involvement in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion is accusing prosecutors of violating his 14th amendment rights to due process. In documents obtained by Complex, the defense of Michael Boatwright claims prosecutors are withholding documents and information that would help his case.

The documents he’s seeking include arrest warrant affidavits, witness lists, police reports, as well as any other information regarding the prosecution’s evidence against Boatwright.

“Other than the broadly worded indictment, the State has provided no information whatsoever regarding the nature of the evidence against Mr. Boatright,” his lawyer wrote in the motion. “Such failure by the State to furnish the Defendant with discovery has seriously impeded the preparation of the case and has thereby unjustly jeopardize the ability of Mr. Boatwright’s attorneys to prepare a defense.”

Boatwright’s lawyer is demanding documents be handed over immediately.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested Boatwright in July and claim he’s one of the two armed suspects involved in XXXTentacion’s shooting at Riva Motorsports on June 18.

Meanwhile the family of Jocelyn Flores, the girl who inspired X’s song of the same name, is accusing the late rapper of exploiting her death. Flores committed suicide in May 2017, and her family was later shocked to find out X used her name for one of the most popular tracks on his debut album 17.

According to Daily Beast, the two briefly knew each other for 11 days. The rapper flew her out to model for his Revenge fashion line, and sent her with two members of his crew to stay at a Hampton Inn hotel. She was found dead in the bathroom less than 24 hours later.

The family claims they never received any personal condolences from the rapper, and though Flores’ stepfather attempted to have a call with X, the request was never fulfilled.

“We just wanted to know what her last day was like,” her aunt Brandee Ramirez said. “That torments me. I just want to know the last day. Please. Tell me anything. What did she do that day? What did she eat? When was the last time you saw her? Did you take her to Universal Studios like you promised her? What is it that you did with her? What was her last day like?"