In a now deleted post back in February of this year, French Montana claimed that his Coke Wave collaborator Max B was on his way home at some point in 2018. "Can't wait till u get home this year," he revealed on his Instagram without providing any further specifics. Rumors began circulating in the past 24 hours or so that the 40-year-old rapper, born Charly Wingate, had been released, but now his self-proclaimed right-hand man Masar has unfortunately confirmed that is not the case.

Masar wrote on IG, "All the enthusiasm upon Charly's alleged release yesterday is truly appreciated. Although the internet rumor is false and not founded on any reliable facts, it's just a matter of time before it become a reality. Thanks to all his fans for the genuine love and support."

He didn't provide any other details regarding Max's release, but he did indicate that a number of his associates are to make sure he gets released as soon as possible. "Rest assured we are doing absolutely everything in our power to accelerate even faster the process of his liberation," he said in the post.

In 2016, it was announced that Max had agreed to a plea deal, which dropped his 75-year prison sentence down to 20 years. He is currently set to be released on Nov. 9, 2025. In 2009, Max B was found guilty of nine felony counts, with murder conspiracy and robbery charges among them.