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6ix9ine isn’t letting his ongoing child sex case hinder his trolling habits.

On Tuesday, the controversial rapper had the nerve to challenge Don Q to a rap battle; though Don seemed open to the idea, Ebro Darden quickly chimed in by dismissing 6ix9ine’s challenge: “Clown hair just talking cause he got lips bro,” the radio host wrote.

Predictably, 6ix9ine fired back with a diss involving Ebro’s late mom. “Sukk my dikk with ya mother’s lips,” the “FEFE” rapper eloquently responded.

Ebro then criticized 6ix9ine’s verse on “Get the Strap,” which prompted the Brooklyn rapper to post a video in which he boasted about his accomplishments and threatened to “smack the fucking shit out of” Ebro.

On Wednesday, Ebro responded to 6ix9ine’s comments with some more roasting. “Tekashi: My mom’s lips, fam. She don’t like 5-foot-2 Mexican fat dudes. She likes black dudes, clearly. That were very tall,” he said on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning (3:12). “She wouldn’t do her lips on your dick—it wouldn’t happen, bro. It’s not a thing … and she’s not even here to represent herself.”

Ebro then went on to explain his criticism of 6ix9ine, specifically why he referred to the 22-year-old as a “Walmart rapper.”

“I said, ‘You know why you’re a bum? Because you steady talking about your numbers. You’re not talking about anything quality that’s gonna last,’” Ebro said (4:28). “There’s a lot of Walmarts. People go to Walmart—it’s cheap and convenient, you know what I’m saying? And it’s timely, it’s easy. I was like, ‘That’s like you. You’re everywhere. You’re cheap and convenient. That’s not gonna last, bro. It’s not a quality product—it’s not. And you’re terrible. Tekashi69, you are terrible. … You’re just not good. You are a spectacle. You’re a car accident, you know what I’m saying? People look because it’s a car accident.”

Ebro then made a threat of his own, claiming he had unflattering information about 6ix9ine’s business dealings. “I’m happy you’re getting money. I’m happy for you and I’m happy for your entire collective of individuals that use you to make money,” he said. “And you need to be real careful before I start talking about who finances you, and I really start outing you. … I know the whole situation of what’s really behind you and the fact that some people who ain’t from the culture are propagating some gang craziness. So, let’s just keep it chill and funny. Because that’s what you are—it’s funny.”

Ebro didn’t provide much information about 6ix9ine’s alleged financiers; however, he claimed he never mentioned this issue before because he’s aware that a lot of people rely on 6ix9ine to make money. Ebro also said that the alleged team behind 6ix9ine won’t protect him if/when he gets sentenced to prison. “You can talk crazy on Instagram and all that. Do it, I ain’t gonna do nothing. I’m a dad, bro,” Ebro said. “By the way, Tekashi, you’re a dad too. You’re a father, bro. And I know you’re doing whatever you gotta do to feed your family, I get it, man. … But don’t you ever fix your lips to say you’re gonna battle Don Q or battle anybody, bro.”