Eminem name-dropped a long list of rappers on his new album, Kamikaze, but 6ix9ine wasn't one of them. So, unlike Machine Gun Kelly, 6ix9ine wasn't given an opportunity to fire back at Eminem with a diss song of his own. Instead, he did what he always does: He trolled on Instagram.

Uploading a short video skit of himself recording over Eminem's 2002 hit "Lose Yourself," 6ix9ine rapped: "You thought right when you ain't diss me/I'm a lyrical legend, I know they miss me/All you mumble rap kids, colorful hair/Can't compare to the lyrical phenomenal that's right here."

Standing in front of plaques for songs like "Keke," 6ix9ine poked fun at the complicated lyrics from artists like Eminem. "Mars, Jupiter, Venus, origins and oranges combine solar eclipse, your mind is an eclipse of the origins in," he rapped, before breaking character and ending the video.

Apparently one beef wasn't enough for 6ix9ine on Tuesday, because he also stirred up an ongoing feud with Hot 97's Ebro Darden less than an hour after trolling Eminem.

Darden responded to the disrespectful message about his mother by addressing 6ix9ine on his Instagram Story. "My mom's dead, bro," he said. "Damn, 6ix9ine. That's your career, too."

6ix9ine then uploaded another video and told Darden, "One thing I can't put up with is a hatin' ass old n***a. Do not beef with me if you not ready to get disrespected because I'm a disrespectful ass kid. I will tell you to suck my dick with your mother's lips and nobody will give a fuck if you put up a post saying, 'Damn, bro, my mother's dead.' I don't give a fuck."

In late August, Tr3yway head Shotti was asked about the rapper's antics and said he believes 6ix9ine is just a reflection of an era in which classiness has disappeared. "Nobody is held accountable for what they say any longer, from my own president, Commander in Chief, to smallest person the streets," he explained on an episode of Rap Radar's Cigar Talk. "That’s why people are able to say things so freely now. There’s no classiness anymore. The character of people is at an all-time low. There’s no integrity."