EA Sports is under fire after they removed Colin Kaepernick's name off of Big Sean's guest verse on YG’s "Big Bank" from Madden NFL 19. The two rappers (and several tweeters) have since called out the video game publisher for the removal. Big Sean called it "disappointing and appalling," while YG said he nor the song's other collaborators approved of the censor.

EA Sports tweeted an apology to YG, Big Sean, and Colin Kaepernick, claiming that the removal was not on purpose. But they didn't stop there.

YG told TMZ that Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA Sports, called him personally to apologize.

"The CEO just called me like three hours ago," he said. "We had the conversation on the phone, they was apologizing.... They said they're gonna do more than just call everybody and apologize." YG added that the CEO said the removal wasn't "purposely done."

But either way, YG isn't holding any grudges against the video game company—or the sports league. "I'm not boycotting Madden," he later continued with a laugh. "I got the new one in my car right now. I'm about to go play this shit." And now that Kaepernick's name is back in the song, "it's all good." He continued: "We have to let it be known that this shit ain't straight. But they figure it out, we good."

But there's still at least one person YG isn't letting off so easy: Donald Trump.

YG dropped Stay Dangerous—which includes features from ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Quavo, and more—on Friday, his first full-length studio album since 2016’s Still Brazy. To promote the release, YG appeared on Big Boy's Neighborhood, and (at the 2:00 mark) discussed his notorious record "FDT."

"I mean, that was just how we was feeling, that’s just how we feel, that’s how the people feel," YG said. "We spoke up for the people. We was having a lot of conversations, like me and the homies and just me and just regular people. I used to hop in Ubers…get dropped off to the studio and the drivers would start talking about Trump. I’m like man, ‘This dude’s crazy. Everybody talking about this dude.’

"Then me and [Nipsey Hussle], we was in the studio, working on our little project we been trying to do for like some years, Two of America's Most Wanted," YG continued. "I’m like if we doing a project called Two of America's Most Wanted, we gotta have a song called, 'Fuck Donald Trump,' because that’s what’s going on right now. That’s how I feel, that’s how you feel, that’s how the people feel. We ain’t really feeling this dude’s vibe. He’s a jackass."

YG also joked about the idea of a "FDT Pt. 2": "Fuck him again," YG said, laughing. "I might flip the ‘Still D.R.E.’ shit."

When YG was asked if he would ever meet with Trump, he said he would "meet up with him and tell him ‘fuck you’ in his face." Peep the comments above.