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Rising Harlem rapper Sheck Wes has had a great year so far, and it's set to get even better when his debut project, Mudboy, arrives on Travis Scott's Cactus Jack and Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music later this year. In a new feature with Pitchfork, Sheck broke down his signature, bombastic style, explaining, "I pick simple beats because I need space for me to work."

Bringing up how so many rappers these days are carried by their producers, he added, "A lot of n***as are popping nowadays because of the beats." Using Lil Pump as an example, he said, "No shade, and shout out to Lil Pump, but on a track like 'Gucci Gang' he's not really saying much. 'Live Sheck Wes' is the same type of song as ['Gucci Gang']: One verse and the hook, and the song is over with. But the lyrics [in my song are] real! That's why n***as fuck with it."

As to how he got the attention of some OG's, in particular Kanye, he explained, "That's why older n***as respect my shit more." He isn't afraid to come for these rappers though, explaining, "A n***a like J. Cole should never come for me! I would rap battle with J. Cole, I would diss the fuck out of that n***a. I'd diss Drake, all these n***as. Kanye, I don't care. I been in a room with all the Migos and out-rapped n***as."

While he's not exactly beefing with any of these rappers, he's making it clear just how confident in his abilities he really is. Read the full interview with Sheck Wes here.