After months of dating, G-Eazy and Halsey have ended their relationship.

"I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans," Halsey wrote on her Instagram Story Tuesday. "G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart. I’m eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career, and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best. Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time."

Halsey's announcement came after some fans started noticed the singer deleted all of her old photos with G-Eazy on Instagram. She also posted a new photo with a not-so-subtle caption that reads, "Kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye."

The specific reason for their breakup is unclear, but G-Eazy was reportedly caught in early June sending dirty messages to a mysterious woman from London and telling her his penis size.

In May, Halsey spoke with E! News about the beginnings of their relationship and explained, "He really wanted to hang out and really wanted me to like him a lot. It took me a while to be like, 'Fine. OK I like you back.' I'm glad I did. I got bamboozled though a little bit, I think I got tricked into it."

Two months ago, G-Eazy was convicted of assault and drug possession charges in Sweden. He reportedly had 1.5 grams of cocaine in his possession. After the ordeal, he wrote a note to fans that read, "Embarrassed and apologetic beyond words about the incident. But above all I’m so fucking grateful they let me go, craziest experience of my life, awful night with a lot of bad luck and some even worse decisions but like I said I’m grateful as fuck to be a free man, back on tour performing for the fans."