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As soon as Scorpion dropped, it became clear that Side B standout "In My Feelings" was the kind of song that would inspire all kinds of remixes and covers. The No. 1 hit has already spawned a viral dance challenge and been remixed by rappers like Smino. Now, New York City duo Brasstracks have pulled out their trumpets for a lively instrumental cover.

"The minute we heard 'In My Feelings' we knew we could do one of our trumpet flips, the melody is so memorable that it doesn't need lyrics do be recognized," they tell Complex. "We got to work right away—singles like these are fleeting these days. It was great to be able to add some harmony and color to this song. Can't wait to hear people sing the lyrics over the horn lines at our shows."

The duo have made a habit of incorporating similar covers like "XO TOUR Llif3" and "Trophies" into their high-energy live sets and this "In My Feelings" flip promises to be a hit as well—especially since it comes with its own unique footwork. You can hear Brasstracks' "In My Feelings" cover on SoundCloud below.