In a new interview with Miami New Times, XXXTentacion explained why he's not a feminist. “Women may see or feel that they're belittled,” he said. “But you're only belittled if you want to be belittled.” He brought Hillary Clinton up as an example, noting that, “She ran [for president] and she wasn't killed for it. That says everything.”

"Women are almost more powerful than men," he added, as well as claimed abuse allegations in the #MeToo era "can go off hearsay."

The New Times report also included statements from Geneva Ayala, who opened up about the alleged abuse she endured at the hands of X. She claimed in one instance, the rapper slapped her across the face for a Snapchat story in which she admired her friend's grills. Shortly after, X allegedly penetrated her vagina with a barbecue fork, which caused her to pass out. 

"When I came to, I remember just thinking, I cannot let this happen to me," she said. "This, right here, cannot happen to me."

Ayala continued: "His favorite thing was to just backhand my mouth. That always left welts inside my lips." 

She also claimed X would try to guilt her into sticking around by threatening suicide. The woman pointed to an instance in which X filled a tub with water and dangled a microwave over it. The cycle of emotional and physical abuse continued, Ayala said, even after she told X she was pregnant. 

A month prior to XXX’s big announcement last October, where he announced he's donating $100,000 to domestic violence prevention programs, he released a series of Instagram Stories where he mocked feminists, and alluded to the abuse of his girlfriend. “If you want your pussy domestically abused, hit my line," he said.

Indeed, as New Times points out, X’s meteoric rise is due, in part, to the alarmingly long number of criminal charges he's facing, and what the writer says he “can still get away with in the court of public opinion.” 

Following his large donation announcement in the fall, he revealed that he had also planned an “anti-rape” event, which would take place during Art Basel in Miami. However, neither materialized: A fan wrecked the venue where the anti-rape event was being hosted, and XXX divulged that he chose to donate money to a few children’s causes instead of abuse charities, per New Times.

But at this point, it’s unclear what he has done. Complex previously made repeated requests for more details on if he followed through on his claimed charitable act, to which XXX's camp responded, “XXXTentacion expressed to his fans what was in his heart at the time” and “there's no date or time stamp on X's plans.”

Then, when pressed over plans to publish a story about whether the rapper had reneged on his claim, XXX’s rep told Complex he had donated to Women in Distress of Broward County “and others,” though they were vague, and didn’t specify the size of the donation, or the date on which he'd donated.