The ever-controversial XXXTentacion attempted to counteract months of bad headlines about domestic abuse and online sexism and harassment on Friday by saying he would be donating $100,000 to domestic violence programs. 

XXX made the announcement, which came just a day after reports that he signed a $6 million record deal, via Instagram Stories. He started out by apologizing to women who felt "violated" by his comments online last month. At the time, the Florida rapper, responding to pushback from a Pitchfork story that revealed graphic details of the abuse charges against him, threatened anyone who called him a "domestic abuser," and mocked the charges by saying, "If you want your pussy domestically abused, hit my line." 

In his message Friday, XXX said he was sorry for the outburst... sort of. Rather than expressing remorse for his actions, he instead said he was sorry if women felt "violated." 

"I don't take back the remark," he said, thereby negating the whole purpose of an apology. "But... I would never intentionally try to make a woman feel uncomfortable or in danger by my own conscious will."

Then XXX mentioned the upcoming donation, though no details were provided. 

"In order to show progress in my life and remorse for my remark to the people that support me..., I will be donating over 100 thousand dollars to domestic violence prevention programs!" he wrote.

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XXX continued, talking about "the female population" as if they were a different species. He said that, despite not apologizing for doing it a month ago, he wants to "stop making it a joke to disrespect women." "That shit don't set [sic] right to me, especially since I've joked about it in my own words," he wrote. "...I do sincerely apologize." 

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For some reason, the rapper decided to then go full Madonna-Whore Complex, comparing "unfaithful" and "faithful" women.

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Somewhat confusingly, XXX ended his message by promising he would soon be "hosting football matches in different states."

"I'm going to try to make the world a fun place again!" promised a man currently charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman and domestic battery by strangulation. His trial is set to begin Dec. 11.