June, though it's damn near over, still has one more massive fucking release to its name. On an otherwise normal June 29, Drake will drop his fifth studio album, Scorpion.

Of course, it’s not truly 6 God season until some fairly mysterious billboards start popping up and inspiring fan theories (and articles, like this one, about said fan theories). The Scorpion era looks to be no different, as an assortment of Drake-related billboards have been photographed in Toronto.

The all-caps and context-free phrases include "Changing from Boy to a Man," "I Just Flipped a Switch," "Don't Hit Me When You Hear This," "Is There More," "Elevate," and "God Has a Plan." Another, which simply reads "A Side" with "B Side" beneath it, has inspired some to speculate Scorpion may end up being a full-blown double album.

Given that Drake routinely hits Fall Out Boy levels of hyper-self-aware song-titling, my money—totaling an approximate $0.00—is actually on these billboards being a sneaky way of revealing a few Scorpion track names. After all, it's pretty easy to imagine a slew of headlines like "Drake's 'Don't Hit Me When You Hear This' Tops Billboard Hot 100 for 7,325th Week in a Row," etc.

Although once the "God Has a Plan" billboard surfaced, the possibility opened up that these are actually playing off song titles, or simply lyrics. While "Is There More" is an extremely Drake song title, posting billboards of lyrics is an extremely Drake move. So...

A more entertaining and wholly evidence-free theory, perhaps, would involve Pusha-T putting up these billboards just to fuck with everyone.