Smokepurpp celebrated Mother’s Day differently than a lot of us, by honoring his own achievements as a Soundcloud rapper. In an Instagram video, he thanks himself for creating the Soundcloud rap generation, while holding a bouquet of flowers, a Mother’s Day card, and a cup of lean.

While Smokepurpp is one of the first Soundcloud rappers to hit it big, his claim to the Soundcloud rap throne is questionable. “Happy Mother's Day to me man, Big Purpp. You know what's going on. I birthed this generation,” he said in the video, bragging while smelling the bouquet of roses. He adds, “I created the Soundcloud big bang you already know what's going on. So, happy Mother's Day to Lil Purpp.”

Purpp has been engaged in a seemingly one-sided beef with J. Cole who allegedly bad-mouthed Purpp and Lil Pump on the KOD cut “1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”).” While fans at Purpp’s shows have taken to chanting “fuck J. Cole,” Cole recently put an end to fans at his shows chanting “fuck Lil Pump.”

On Wednesday, while speaking with TMZ, Pump gave Cole a short yet passionate shout-out. “Shout out J. Cole,” he said before plugging his forthcoming tape. Still, the “shout-out” could easily be Pump and Purpp continuing to troll Cole.

The same day, Cole did an interview with Angie Martinez, where Cole spoke about “1985” and the music being made by Pump, Purpp, and their generation. “I love them,” Cole said. “First of all, I fuck with them. I actually fuck with they music. It's not like I drive around listening to it, but I've spent time listening and being like 'Yo, this is fun.' It ain't about shit and it don't matter but this is fun.”

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