Lil Pump, who's currently living a seemingly more enjoyable life than me or anyone I even remotely know, was bothered by the professional botherers at TMZ while engaging in travel-related activities at LAX Wednesday. The backdrop for this particular bother, unsurprisingly, was that whole J. Cole thing.

Asked about Cole's "1985" and his recent halting of a "Fuck Lil Pump!" chant, Pump gave Cole a brief but enthusiastic shout-out. "Shout out J. Cole," Pump, after enjoying a refreshing taste of Sprite, said. "Esskeetit! Harvard Dropout on the way, bitch!" Of course, this "shout-out" is most likely just the next chapter in Pump and Smokepurpp's ongoing Cole troll.

In his 90-minute Angie Martinez interview Wednesday, Cole spoke at length about "1985" and his relationship to the music being made by Pump and his peers. "I love them," Cole said of the younger generation. "First of all, I fuck with them. I actually fuck with they music. It's not like I drive around listening to it, but I've spent time listening and being like 'Yo, this is fun.' It ain't about shit and it don't matter but this is fun."

Previously, as in prior to the Martinez interview or the halted "Fuck Lil Pump!" chant, Pump publicly thanked Cole for "all the clout."


Lil Pump sends a “thank you” to J Cole for all the clout tokens he got for 1985

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