Justin Bieber is all about love when it comes to Kanye West's latest antics.

"Our job is to love not to always agree! Love you Kanye!" read a message in his Instagram story with a pink and orange gradient background. Bieber also shared a few other messages in his story. "You are loved," read another post. He also shared a clip of him singing Billy Preston's "You Are So Beautiful."

Bieber isn't the first celebrity to speak out about 'Ye and his comments on slavery being a choice, his love for Donald Trump, and support for the MAGA movement and alt-right thinkers like Candace Owens.

Method Man voiced concern about not wanting Kanye to "alienate himself from people that really love him" and told him to "come home." T.I., who recently released a collaboration song with Kanye, said although he disagrees with what Ye, he doesn't "feel it was malicious."

Kevin Hart said he doesn't "agree with where he is or the way he’s going about getting to the punchline or the point of what he’s doing," while Chris Brown called him a "clown" and warned fans not to follow Ye "down the path of destruction." Will.i.am, Don Lemon, and Jim Jones have also said their peace on Ye.

Not everyone is canceling Kanye just yet though. Erykah Badu claims Ye is just using his "own brain," while Goldlink claims Ye always "says things that seem crazy at the time" but later "it happens exactly how he says it." The Game also stated that Ye is just showing off his genius.