The Game would like anyone who hasn't achieved their own greatness to stop questioning Kanye West.

Early Wednesday, Game—who's collaborated with West on several tracks in the past—hit Twitter to remind everyone of West's genius despite his near-daily bloviations about loving Trump and related poppycock.

Of course, no reasonable person would question West's repeatedly proven artistic genius. After all, it's that same genius that makes West's recent remarks—whether wholly genuine or part of some real-world performance art—so goddamn disillusioning.  How could the same guy who made "Lost in the World/Who Will Survive in America" even remotely align himself with Trumpism?

Tuesday, West's "slavery for 400 years—for 400 years? That sounds like a choice" comments were immediately rebuked by TMZ's Van Lathan during a surreal TMZ Live segment. West later tried to clarify his comments on Twitter, ultimately resulting in the sharing of a fake Harriet Tubman quote.

All of this, conveniently, is happening weeks ahead of the release of multiple West-driven projects including his own seven-track Pablo follow-up and the long-teased Kid Cudi collab album. Coincidence? We think not.