As controversial rapper Kodak Black attempts to forge ahead in making a new life for himself—complete with a legal name change—it seems that his motion to have the items that were confiscated from him during his January arrest returned has been granted.

A judge has recently ordered police to return Kodak's property, according to documents obtained by The Blastwhich included money, an iPhone and iPad, a hard drive with original music, various clothes and jewelry, and art work, among other personal effects.

The items were originally taken from his home during the police raid that resulted in the 20-year-old rapper's arrest. As we previously reported, authorities listed grand theft of a firearm, child neglect, possession of marijuana, and two counts of possession of a weapon by a felon as charges for his arrest, but they were later dropped after he and his lawyer were able to strike a deal with Florida prosecutors.

This is one small victory for the rapper who's been the source of contentious debate regarding his legal troubles and reprehensible personal behavior. In an Instagram post, he called his latest stint in jail "a blessing in disguise," it's up to Kodak now to choose his next moves to determine how his life post-jail will go.

According to his lawyer, Kodak Black is expected to be released sometime in September.