UPDATED 4:45 p.m. ET: In an email to Complex, Jerez Coleman's manager Brandon Mills clarifies that DJ Silent Asassin "was trying to send an impactful message to the youth" when he visited the Philadelphia high school and "the result of his visit wasn’t to scam others or harm others." Since appearing on Catfish and getting arrested, Coleman has started a legitimate music career and landed placements on songs with artists like Logic

Mills concedes that Coleman has never DJ'd for Alicia Keys, but says the two know each other. He explains, "DJ Silent Asassin stated he was Alicia Keys' DJ because he felt the positive outlets he has done currently would be overlooked. He told the school about his past and mentioned to the school his placements with other artist and wanted to just encourage the youth about learning from there mistakes and overcoming adversity. He has really changed his life around and has been trying to recreate his image effectively."

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According to 6ABC, Jerez Coleman—a known scam artist otherwise known as Kidd Cole from an episode of MTV’s Catfish—gained entry to a Philadelphia high school by posing as Alicia Keys’ DJ. In a pre-arranged and -approved appearance, he spoke with students and recorded them singing, which has caused serious concern and alarm for parents.

Coleman called Philadelphia’s School District and said he was eager to speak with students of the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, gaining entry on Thursday and meeting with kids who performed for him. He presented himself as "DJ Silent Asassin" and was accompanied by two men claiming to be security guards, and two women with video cameras.

“We sang for him,” a student who wished to remain anonymous said. “He talked to the students in a very low tone. We really couldn’t understand him. We were told that he was the DJ for Alicia Keys, but it doesn’t seem like that is the case.” The student said Coleman was “acting shady,” a feeling that made her Google the man (by one of his other handles, clearly) and discovering he once threatened President Obama.  

If you don’t remember Coleman from MTV’s show, he was a scam artist who once claimed he was a famous rapper and duped people into working for him. In 2015, he was arrested for making terroristic threats against President Obama and D.C.’s Metro System. He was sentenced to 22 months in jail and a mandatory mental evaluation.

“When I read that on the internet, it was really alarming,” said the student. “He got pictures with students and they recorded us singing.”

Naturally, the student’s mother is more than alarmed. “So now they have all these children’s Instagrams and they might have their phone numbers,” she said. “They have pictures and they videotaped them without our consent. This is just absurd.”

While the school district claims two officials were there when all of this happened, and that they were recording the students—not Coleman or his cronies—parents like the one above are justifiably concerned. Having someone who threatened the President infiltrate your child’s school doesn’t exactly roll of your back as quickly as, say, spilling ketchup on your shirt. 

“He’s a big-time fraud,” said the mother. “We need to be more careful, because in this day and age all kinds of things are taking place.” Couldn’t agree more.

The school district issued a statement, hoping to alleviate any concerns and assuring parents that proper justice will be served. “School district staff improperly approved a school visit,” the statement reads. “This is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.”