Kanye West’s return to Twitter has sent the social media platform into overdrive.

It’s been a wild ride. He started by beginning to write a philosophy book in real-time, then announcing a truly delectable series of project release dates, both for his own personal music and G.O.O.D Music artists. Kanye then continued to show his support for Trump and alt-right “thinkers” like Candace Owens. Today, Kanye doubled down on his support of the president, calling him a “brother” and praising his “dragon energy.” Kanye even tweeted a photo of his signed Make America Great Again hat as well as another photo of him wearing one. 

Some artists, like J. Cole and Jaden Smith, seemingly subtweeted the rapper, calling him out for his questionable opinions. Some fans have been looking to other artists to fill the Kanye-shaped hole in their hearts. That’s at least what one Twitter user did when he reached out to Lupe Fiasco on Twitter, writing that since Kanye “has turned to the dark side,” Lupe is now “the last surviving hope of black nerds everywhere.” 

Lupe’s response? “Don’t run to me now,” he said, “Y’all gotta figure that out.” He signaled the fan should look to Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole instead of himself, as he is on a “journey of personal transcendence and playing video games.”

However, Lupe got into more detail about how he feels about the Kanye/Trump situation, writing that Trump is “a terrible human being.”

In a separate tweet, Lupe got deeper, suggesting there is a “little bitty sh*tty Trump deep inside all of us” that we must “exorcise.”

Another fan pleaded Lupe to get Kanye on the phone to “speak to him for the sake of America.” Lupe replied, admitting he loves Kanye but would only talk to him in order to convince him to “give Cudi the phone.” It’s an interesting tweet from someone who had a very public Twitter beef with Cudi just a few years ago. 

He clarified in yet another tweet how he feels about Kanye today: “no ill will to Ye in any way,” he wrote. “Remember this the same dude that when he speaks US Presidents respond. Don’t forget about Katrina cuz you don’t like his tweets.” 

Lupe is likely referencing the time Kanye West gave an impassioned speech on how black people were treated in media coverage during Hurricane Katrina and famously declared that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”