Young M.A gave us a little look into what home life is like for her when she's not on the road. Back at her crib in Jersey, the rapper broke down what it was like as a kid playing on a boy's football team, her transition to becoming a pescatarian, and missing good, home-cooked meals while on tour. Young M.A was featured in Fuse'Made From Scratch series where she was joined by her grandmother, affectionately referred to as "G-Mac." The pair made a classic family recipe of Cajun cod and cabbage. 

The rapper explained that after a lengthy tour schedule filled with pit stops to any and every fast food place, her poor diet began to show. "All those things started to add up, so when I got off tour I was 167. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, 'Bet, I’m make it my duty: I’m going to sign up for this gym.' Signed up for a gym. I just said, ‘Yo I'ma cut out meats.’" She was also candid about her journey to a healthier lifestyle, saying it definitely wasn't easy around the holidays. On Thanksgiving, she admitted to having snuck one turkey leg onto her plate, but after that it was back to her no-nonsense approach.

As G-Mac kept cooking up the Cajun goodness, Young M.A took things back to her earlier days. She mentioned the influence her mother had on her growing up, exposing her to music at an early age. She recalled hearing 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying on the radio, and decided from then on that's what she wanted to do. After that, Young M.A was quick to assert herself simply as an artist, free of any labels of gender or sexuality the world would want to place on her. 

Watch the full episode above and get the recipes here.