Young M.A has nixed deceased animals from her diet. In an Instagram note to fans Tuesday, Young M.A revealed her weight loss methodology and encouraged anyone else who isn't happy with something in their life to empower themselves with change.

M.A said she's dropped 20 pounds in two months after not only cutting out meat, but also limiting her liquor intake to "occasionally only." She's supplementing her change in diet by "consistently" hitting the gym and keeping track of her daily calories. "Always wanted to change my diet but wasn't mentally ready for it at first," she said. "Honestly since I've changed my diet I've been less exhausted.. I wake up with full energy.. and also mentally I feel good... I just want to say to all my supporters if you are not happy with anything in your life you have the power to change it! Only you!"

As teased in her Instagram note, M.A is busy prepping new music. Last April, we were given the 7-track Herstory EP featuring her breakout hit "Ooouuu." The EP was followed in November with the official video for the one-off cut "Walk."

If M.A. is really ditching the meat life for good, maybe she can link up with Jaden Smith for a sequel to his 2017 collab burger with the plant-based cuisine providers at Impossible Foods.