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Aaron Carter and Michael Jackson were BFFs? Who knew? At least that’s what’s Carter’s saying in a recent interview with Us Weekly. When discussing his father’s May 2017 passing, Carter said, “I spent 22 hours making this beat for my dad,” before explaining he spent the same amount of time working on a song when Michael Jackson died.

“You know what’s funny? When Michael Jackson died, I spent the same amount of time making a beat for him too. Right after Michael Jackson died. I was really good friends with Michael, so that one really hurt,” Carter said. Don’t forget that Carter also took to Twitter to say that Michael had “passed the torch” down to him, whatever that meant.

To be fair the two singers do have a fair amount in common, that most regular folk don’t. Like MJ, Carter found himself in the spotlight at an early age alongside his sibling. As Carter explains, “I’m close to my siblings the way Michael Jackson was close with his … It’s weird if you think about it. I knew Michael really well, and he told me a lot of things I can’t really repeat because it would be everywhere, but Michael and I were really good friends.”

There’s also the fact that both men struggled with substance abuse, which was ultimately Jackson’s demise. The King of Pop died at age 59 after overdosing on Propofol in June 2009. Carter has also struggled with addiction, as is evident from his dramatic weight loss, which he publicly addressed on an episode of “The Doctors.”

Carter doesn’t plan to follow in MJ’s tragic footsteps, however. Despite previously claiming he’d die by the age of 30, Carter seems to have learned from his alleged BFF’s mistakes. Carter told Us Weekly, “Michael died at 115 pounds. It was heartbreaking. I love Michael, but that’s not going to be me. Look at me. Look at my transformation, in months … My health is very important. Health is very important for everybody, and I was so scared.”