ASAP Rocky put his set on hold at a recent show when he spotted two concertgoers getting into it. Before things could get out of hand, Rocky singled out the two guys, brought them on stage, and imparted some knowledge. 

After finding out that the 21-year-old Vic was squaring up with 17-year-old Anthony, Rocky told Vic that he shouldn't be fighting a person like Anthony. "Iigh, first of all, he's seventeen so you not supposed to be fighting him anyway," he said, per HNHH. "Chill out, chill out. Because when I was seventeen, I was fighting muhfuckas... 28, 29, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you still fight, you feel me?" 

Rocky explained to them why he didn't want them to start fighting, especially at an ASAP show. "At an ASAP show, y'all are considered family, you feel me?," he said. "It don't matter who talk first, you supposed to swing because you in a moshpit. You supposed to come here to get out your anger in life, bro. You paid money to celebrate us and celebrate yourself. This is culture, you know what I'm saying? This is not just music."

It appeared that Rocky's message was getting through to Vic and Anthony, and to finalize their reconciliation, he said he loved them and made them hug it out. Check it out in the Instagram video above.

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