When it comes to 50 Cent and Irv Gotti, it's hard to believe that their issues—which go back to when Ja Rule was that dude on the Billboard charts—will ever be resolved. They kept their long-running beef going back in June when Fif hopped on Instagram to tell Irv that he'd "slap the shit" out of him. And it looks like they are reigniting it once again, this time over their respective BET television shows.

Their latest back-and-forth started after 50 put up an Instagram post about his new 50 Central series over the weekend. The show is hitting BET soon and will reportedly be a part of the same programming block as Irv's show Tales. "Keep quiet don't tell them I'm setting up shop," 50 wrote. "I don't come to make friends. When I come, I take over."


50 also reportedly took a shot at Irv in the comments section by writing: "That 'Tales' bullshit is garbage, good idea badly executed. It will be gone faster than you can say 50 did it."

Irv clearly wasn't having it and posted a lengthy clap back of his own on Instagram.

"The fact that this clown is trying so hard for TALES," Gotti said, "go away. Should let everyone know how dope my shit is. He’s saying it’s a dope idea but poor execution. HAHAHAH. Fuck outta here bitch!! YOU LOVE MY SHIT!! Oct. 10th. TALES IS BACK ON."

Later, Gotti went even further, writing: "This whore can't keep Tales name out his mouth. Lol. I'm not saying anything else. No worries my people. It will be just this one time. I'm back to work."

And while we doubt this is the final word in their entire feud, 50 does seem to have gotten the last word, for now.

"Most people fall apart under pressure," 50 posted. "I deliver repeatedly at a feverish pace. I'm a nightmare for a hater, I make things happen."

Guess we'll have a lot to look forward to when both 50 Central and Tales are running on BET.