Armond de Brignac, the Champagne brand owned in large part by Jay Z and known to hip-hop fans all over the world as "Ace of Spades" because of the logo on every bottle, is introducing a new line. The just-announced Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two, abbreviated as A2, will be available on April 18 for a whopping $850 a bottle—more than its 2015 predecessor the A1, which was a comparatively modest $760.

If you want a bottle, you'd better act fast: the company is only making 2,333 of them, according to Bloomberg.

"We hadn’t thought about numbering them originally. But customers and collectors were requesting specific numbers: 888, or their birth date," Chief Executive Officer Sebastien Besson told the outlet. "We anticipate they may only be available for a few months."

While Jay Z publicly bought a stake of Armond de Brignac in 2014, there is evidence that he has had ownership in the company for much longer than that. Forbes uncovered indications that the rap icon may have had a stake from the brand's beginning back in 2006, when a bottle showed up in Hov's video for "Show Me What You Got." 

Steve Stoute confirmed in his 2011 book The Tanning of America that Jay "invested" in Ace of Spades back in 2006, calling it "his own line."

But no matter the history, Armond de Brignac has been releasing excellent, if pricey, product. The A1 garnered first place in a blind taste test by Fine Champagne magazine.