On the track “Spaceship,” Kanye West boasted about locking himself in a room and crafting five beats a day for three summers. Teyana Taylor, who is under West’s G.O.O.D. Music umbrella, confirmed West’s work ethic and speculated on it being related to his recent hospital stay.

“He’s a workaholic,” Taylor told the John Carrucci of the Associated Press. “He worked his [expletive] off. And if he needs to get his mind right, then I think everybody should respect that and let him do that.”

Taylor also confirmed she has been in touch with West since he canceled the rest of his St. Pablo tour stops in November after an emotional outburst in the middle of his set. West was then hospitalized in Los Angeles, and rumors of exhaustion, depression, and a possible issue with prescription medication have been cited has reasons for the outburst. With West reported to be back home recovering, Taylor offered her advice.

“Take however much time you need, you know,” she said. “Time heals all.”

Teyana Taylor and her husband, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, starred in the video for West’s single “Fade.” During the outburst at the Sacramento show, West mentioned wanting to present “Fade” to MTV, but the network told him Beyonce was already slated take home top honors for “Formation.” 

You can read Taylor’s full interview, including her thoughts on the VH1 Divas club, right here.