Kanye West Rants, Brings Out Kid Cudi and Ends Show After 3 Songs During Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West brought out Kid Cudi and then abruptly ended his Sacramento Saint Pablo tour stop.

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UPDATE 11/20/16 8:20 p.m. ET: Following the controversy surrounding his Sacramento show, it appears that Kanye canceled his show at The Forum in Inglewood, California tonight. The news was first discovered on Kanye's site for ticket sales, where the show is clearly marked off. However, it isn't clear why the rapper has backed out of the concert stop.

With the Forum show already canceled, Gerrick Kennedy of the LA Times is reporting that the rest of the United States Saint Pablo tour dates have been canceled. Pitchfork later confirmed the report through a rep for Kanye.

#BREAKING Kanye West concert in LA tonight cancelled. This after he ended the Sacramento show in 30 minutes. #SaintPabloTour pic.twitter.com/UmDJA72PUQ

— Frances Wang (@FrancesWangTV) November 21, 2016

Just got word from a source that @kanyewest informed his crew that remaining dates of U.S. #SaintPabloTour are nixed.

— Gerrick Kennedy (@GerrickKennedy) November 21, 2016

See below for original story.

Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour rolled through Sacramento on Saturday night, and to no surprise, the rapper brought out the unexpected during the evening. This was the first show since Kanye admitted that he didn't vote in the election earlier this month, but that if he had, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

The show in Sacramento seemed to get off on a better foot when Kanye reunited with Kid Cudi on the floating stage, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. If you remember, there were some public issues between Cudi and Kanye after Cudi tweeted about 'Ye. Kanye later called out Cudi during a concert, but later changed his stance on the matter when he declared Cudi is the most influential artist of the past decade

While fans did get to see Kanye and Cudi back together, things got rocky and many fans were not pleased that 'Ye went on another long rant during the show. He then reportedly ended the concert after only performing three songs.


During tonight's speech, Kanye brought up his relationship with Jay Z, which has recently been tumultuous, and then revealed that they still haven't talked on the phone. Kanye also brought up Beyoncé, and claimed that she was going to refuse to perform at the MTV VMAs if she didn't win the award for "Video of the Year."

"Fuck Kanye" chants reportedly broke out after he ended the show early, with fans also tweeting that he was late to begin with. Early Saturday afternoon, patrons at attendance for Saturday's show and Sacramento radio stations began reporting refunds would be honored. According to The Sacramento Bee, Ticketmaster and Live Nation began providing refunds, though no official announcement was given.

The second leg of the Saint Pablo tour has only just begun and drama is already out of control. You can watch footage of the concert and rant below. 

Kanye rant pic.twitter.com/mBvxIPqGTK

— six 🇬🇭 (@Sixfever) November 20, 2016
This is about Beyoncé: Fuck you MTV. -Kanye West #SaintPabloTour
Kanye West played Beautiful Morning, Wolves, and Famous. Ranted. Then ran off and said shows over. #SaintPabloTour
Some of the Sacramento Kings were at that Kanye concert. Here's Boogie: "HE BOUNCED ON US YO!" 😂😢😬 pic.twitter.com/Llr1tNoLTk

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