Verse: N/A
Best Line: "See Kris Jenner, I beep twice and I wave/the rest of you boys, I blow keysh right in ya face" 

The true test of greatness isn't just maintaining a streak, but also how one weathers adversity. Or so they say. Drake just dropped an album dedicated to his birthplace, but he retreated back to his new home as the reviews crying mediocrity poured in. Imagine a hazy, typical sun hanging over the YOLO Estate as Drake glowers, sullen but charged up that almost a full year since settling the Meek Mill beef, he once again has to lay pen to paper to combat fresh criticism.

"4PM in Calabasas" isn't the warning-shot of "5AM in Toronto," and it certainly doesn't have the calm ambition of "6PM in New York," nor the something-to-prove attitude of "9AM in Dallas." This is something totally different, a reminder wrapped in a sneer—does Drake have an equally disrespectful flex as hilarious as "See Kris Jenner, I beep twice and I wave/the rest of you boys, I blow keysh right in ya face" elsewhere in his catalog? Amidst all the talk, across the reviews, thinkpieces, and even podcasts, here's Drake laid up like Juelz Santana with one leg out the Phantom, fixing his best mean mug in the center of Hollywood's suburb, dropping it only for neighborly respect. You won't find any testosterone-fueled proclamations that you underestimated greatly here, just a perfectly dry laugh. You thought Drizzy would be vulnerable? He sounds more insolent than ever. The day's waning and we got him started. Scary hours are rolling in, a haha ha. —Frazier Tharpe