Thursday night was mostly a drag because, as you know by now, Frank Ocean's woodworking didn’t result in a promptly delivered new album at midnight. But something else was brewing at Madison Square Garden in New York during Drake's "Summer Sixteen" tour stop. The 6ix god didn't exactly have high praise for the Hot 97 radio crew, taking shots at the station following Ebro Darden's claim that Drake once told him he would hypothetically fire back at Eminem should the Detroit legend diss him in a track. Drake also specifically called for the firing of Funkmaster Flex, the only circumstance under which he would agree to appear on the station.

Ebro addressed the apparent shots on Friday's show, insisting everyone was missing the point. "Sometimes I don't even know how to enjoy life without moments like this," Ebro said. "What is this really about with Drake? Is this really about the fact that I said we was joking about him making comments about Eminem? You think that's what this is really about? Or is this about Flex? Or is this about all of it?"

But Ebro did take issue with the notion of Drake "taking shots," as some have alleged he had much harsher words for the Hot 97 crew. "Who wrote this?" Ebro said. "'Drake takes shots?' That's not what happened. Drake said 'eff Hot 97.' That's not a shot!"

As anyone with a pulse last summer will remember, Funk Flex had a big hand in the 6ix god's lengthy public battle with Meek Mill. In fact, Flex has already promised to directly address Drake's recent comments Saturday on Hot 97:

Stay tuned.