Aziz Ansari blessed Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show with his presence Wednesday and, to our collective joy, he had plenty to say about this week's allegedly intervention-inspiring behavior from GOP nominee Donald Trump. In fact, Ansari came prepared with an apt analogy that should help those on the sidelines of politics really see the clear victor in the baffling war of words currently in progress between Trump and the Khan family.

"It's a very riveting election," Ansari told Fallon after being reminded that, for his last Tonight Show drop-in, he had portrayed former GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. "It's like watching WWE wrestling. There's feuds and stuff! Right now it's him and the Khan family and, my god, they are destroying him!"

Then Ansari hit us all with the definitive breakdown: "The Khan family is the Drake to Donald Trump's Meek Mill," he explained. "The guy makes the speech, like, 'Have you read the Constitution? Let me give you a copy!' Then Trump is like 'Why doesn't your wife say anything?' Then the guy goes, 'You have a black soul,' which is just the coldest shit I've ever heard."

According to Ansari, that shit is so cold it had previously been rejected. "I heard that was going to be a line in Tupac's 'Hit 'Em Up' and he was like, 'Nah, it's too mean, we can't go there.'"

Ansari also told Fallon a dope story about Vice President Joe Biden and the importance of Parks and Recreation cred:

Then the two joined in comedic harmony to read some super embarrassing text messages from total strangers:

Master of None's return can't come soon enough.