21 Savage stopped by The Breakfast Club for his inaugural appearance on the show to discuss his very fresh collaborative project with Metro Boomin and more. 

The Atlanta rapper grabbed the public's attention with his 2015 EP, Free Guwop, titled after the then-incarcerated Gucci Mane who he views as an inspiration. However, he told hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy that it's really being in the streets that got him involved in music. "If you're from the hood and you black, you're going to have some type of music in your life."

From there, the conversation shifted to the rapper's childhood with Savage opening up about the time he got expelled from school in seventh grade after getting caught carrying a pistol, which he said he was carrying to defend himself in case he ever got jumped by a big clique at school. He switched schools for eighth grade and tried to keep himself straight while on probation and started playing football, but he ended up getting back involved in the street life once again.

Savage then opened up about smoking some weed and went into selling drugs to 15 and 16 year olds in his area, following the influence of the older men in his life and in his neighborhood because he never considered getting a nine-to-five. "I ain't never filled out no application in my life." As for Atlanta, the Savage explained the area has always been bad and surrounded by gang culture and engulfed in daily shoot outs which has made him numb to death and murder. The whole interview offers some incredible insight to the rising Atlanta rapper. Watch it above and be sure to get into Savage Mode here.