I took a nap in the pulpit
I never like how a suit fit
I got a pocket full of money
It got me walkin' all slue-foot

2 Chainz didn't need to give us more after the four opening bars of the best verse on "Champions"—they're perfect. He's moneyed up and reckless and blasphemous. He's falling asleep in church; he's uncomfortable in a suit that cost more than my life. The cash in his pocket has him walking clumsy. And because he's a genius, he makes that description of his graceless country gait jam up the rhyming pattern: "pulpit" to "suit fit" to "slue-foot." That near rhyme blacked me out. I don't remember what happened afterward. I came to on the subway platform and when the crescent moon of a crowd gathered around my crumpled body asked what the matter was I moaned, "2 Chaaaaaaaaiiiinzzzz." —Ross Scarano