Every bass head knows when Tempa drop an Allstars comp, you sit up and listen. The Tempa crew may be on their eighth volume but they still have plenty of fire in their belly and an impressive stock of bangers in their arsenal. This new volume (out Dec. 11 both digitally and on vinyl), which Complex are proud to premiere today, features Acre, Fracture, Biome, EpochCliquesYoungsta and DJ Distance. Tempa's role in the birth of dubstep is not to be underestimated and a quick scan at earlier Allstars releases and you'll see what we mean.

In fact, right from the get-go, Tempa were playing host to some of dubstep's most pivotal artists; Artwork, Horsepower Productions, Kode9, Hatcha and Skream all released seminal tracks through Tempa (Skream's iconic debut being the most notable of these releases). Now, in 2015, they're showing no signs of losing their touch. Acre's "Messages" is as weird and impossible to classify as any of those pre-dubstep 12"s, Youngsta and Distance's "Untitled" gives a modern twist on the classic sound the two producer's have honed and the rest of the EP more than lives up to the reputation of both its predecessors and the influential label that spawned them.