2 Chainz’ 2012-2013 run coming off his breakout mixtape T.R.U. REALigion was damn-near unstoppable. In a span of one year, the Atlanta rapper released two albums—Based on a T.R.U. Story and B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time—that had bangers like “No Lie,” “Birthday,” “I’m Different” and “Feds Watching.” His solo work, along with his multiple guest appearances on other people’s songs, was a winning combo for his takeover in rap.

Some critics have compared Chainz’ dominance to Future’s in 2015. After a string of successful mixtapes (Beast Mode, Monster, 56 Nights) and albums (Dirty Sprite 2, What a Time To Be Alive with Drake), Future fans can't wait to get more music from him.

“It’s that glow. It’s that feeling. It’s literally feeling like God put his hand on you,” Chainz said earlier this week on the Rap Radar Podcast. “And for me, I can’t say I wasn’t able to enjoy it," he adds, before going into a story about missing his daughter being born because he was booked for so many shows.

Like Future, who is promising more projects and sequels to his aforementioned tapes, Chainz never stopped grinding during that time in his career. “I never took a vacation yet since all that. I still haven’t been on vacation even when we went to Paris. I brought my family to Paris and then I had a studio session with ‘Ye. So it was just like in Atlanta. As soon as they went to sleep, I went to the studio. I don’t believe in vacations, I believe in paycations.”

Later on in the interview, Chainz talked about the success of “Watch Out” from Trapavelli Tre, which gained momentum in his hometown before picking up elsewhere.

“For me, it’s a blessing cause it connected as soon as I put it out in my backyard and that’s what matters,” he says. “This is how a lot of my records happen. They didn’t just pop off in New York. They needed to be proven in Atlanta because New York is a place where you kinda have to prove yourself, which is good.”

He also spoke on his upcoming projects set to be releasing soon. We can expect B.C. (Before Chainz), A.D. (After the Dope Game) and a collaborative tape with Lil Wayne called Colligrove. He promises classic Tity Boi on these albums.

"We got two projects. One of them is called my solo project. It’s gonna be called B.C. and A.D. B.C. is Before Chainz and A.D. will be like After the Dope Game,"  he says. "After the drugs and everything, it’s a different feel. B.C. is done. It’s Tity Boi. It’s nostalgic. It feels good. [It's] got storytelling. Just like a crib, I’m still decorating. I’m still moving furniture around. It’s like a trap that I’m redoing the insides."

For the full interview, check it out here.