Wait, you really, actually, seriously think hip-hop is better today?

You don't have to be old to know how that's complete nonsense.

Sure, there's a lot of great technology and a lot of free music. But the signal-to-noise ratio is preposterous, and much of what's made music easy to access and cheaper than ever hasn't made things any more enjoyable. If anything, it's made the task of hunting down the good stuff even more laborious, proliferating some of the worst parts of the culture.

And no, we're not Bitter Old Heads; all of us write about new rap daily, and have no problem finding new rap worth listening to. But there's plenty of other things missing from today's hip-hop that we took for granted back in the day. Now that they're gone, it's become so obvious how much better things used to be. As such, one small request:

Will You '90s Babies Stop It—Just Stop This—Shut Up, and Admit Rap Was 100 Times Better in the '90s?

(You probably won't. But we can still talk at you.)