If you follow Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar on Twitter, you might have seen his recent rants about Kanye West wearing a skirt (it was actually a kilt) during live performances. You also might have seen Jamar use the awful #halfafag hashtag.

Well, the NYC rapper has gone one step further and released a diss track that's aptly (and awfully) titled "Lift Up Your Skirt." He insists that he doesn't call Yeezy gay—uh, #halfafag?—but is merely saying that "skirts ain't cool." He fires off plenty of other cringe-worthy homophobic lines on the track, which is sure to get Jamar some attention for all the wrong reasons.

Here are some choice tweets from Jamar about the track from the past few hours:

Listen to the track below.

[via SOHH]


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