Date: October 10

2013 has become the year of the Kanye Interview. This week, when he buried the hatchet and stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, it was his fourth time this year that just his sitting down and talking to someone for a little while became a major news story. The other three were his New York Times Q&A, his appearance on Kris Jenner's show, and his Zane Lowe interview. Each time it felt like he had to go on a rant to clarify his previous rant. Though he has uttered an endless array of quotables in all these interviews, the most enlightening (though rarely celebrated) one might have been during the NYT piece when he said, "My message isn't perfectly defined." That quote is important to keep in mind while watching his Kimmel interview.

The interview is an exercise in trying to keep up with a train of throught travelling through a labyrinthine map of neural connections at the speed of light. (Feeling like you running it, huh?) Even as he makes a series of very solid points—intelligent, even profound—it's hard to remember how he even segues from one throught to another. One minute it's something about Kimmel then the paparazzi then the fashion industry and then whoever controls the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Maybe it is ridiculous that Kim Kardashian doesn't haven't a star on there, but it's also pretty ridiculous to care so much about something like that, right?) It's as exhausting as it is exhilerating.

His less-than perfectly defined message often gets convuluted in self-contradiction. Like, when Kanye talking about the snobbery of old money, he keeps a straight face and says, "People who still spend $5,000 on this bag, or $10,000 on this to say ... 'Oh we're better than you...'" This just a short year and a half after rhyming, "Six thousand dollar pair of shoes/I made it to the Paris news/Don't talk about style 'cause I'll embarrass you..." I mean, sure, I imagine there are words left out in these rants, because his brain is moving so fast, that would likely clear up the confusion. But to be honest, the main thing I've learned from this recent string of Kanye interviews is something I long presumed: People in the fashion world are dicks. — Insanul Ahmed 

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