He's worked with greats like Dilla and Tribe, and even made a song featuring Kanye West. But T3 can't stop thinkng about the time he was almost featured on Kanye's second album, Late Registration. "I regret not doing this song with Kanye West," he says. "When I first met Kanye it was at the BET Awards and I was walking into the W Hotel. He said, 'Yo, come up and check out the new album I'm working on.' I heard a little bit of 'Jesus Walks' before it came out and then he said, 'Okay, I got a record I want you to get on.' It was a record called 'Magic Man' and it was about a pimp who was controlling all the bitches in the neighborhood or something. At that time I said I would do it and I planned on doing the record. I just didn't know how to approach that record and I never did the record. Fast forward years later, he remembered, because Kanye remembers everything, and basically he wanted our time to do something. He charged a pretty healthy amount because of me not doing that verse, I guess."