Rap is full of endlessly entertaining hypothetical questions. It’s fun to look back and think what if this or that had gone differently, what would the rap landscape look like today? What if your favorite rapper had signed with a different label? Labels can have a lot of influence on a career, especially for young rappers, and its amazing how close many rap legends came to signing elsewhere.

Can you imagine 2Pac as a No Limit soldier? What about if Lil Wayne dipped from Young Money to Roc-A-Fella in 2006 or if Cam’ron had signed to Bad Boy way back when? Might sound crazy, but believe us, these things almost happened. Some came closer to fruition than others, but all were discussed at some point. Come back in time with us and check out 20 Rappers Who Almost Signed To Other Labels—and then you can start speculating.

Written by Max Goldberg (@goopygold) & Imani Mixon (@ImaniMixon)

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