With so many people trying to rap these days, you'd think that rappers would enjoy feeding off each other's songs for inspiration—you know, comparing lyrics and getting motivated by the competition. Well, think again. It's actually become kind of cool for rappers to act like they don't listen to rap at all.

Why? Well, disassociating yourself from rap is not a new trend. Remember Jay-Z quipped that he wasn't a rapper back on The Blueprint. The term "rap" and "rapper" can be both both loaded and limiting. Today's MCs not only want to break through genre barriers but also be considered as moguls and influencers (and hardened real-life gangstas). In a way, all of this is similar to the way many professional athletes feel about watching sports. Once you're in the game, you can lose the passion of being a fan.  

Or maybe it's just because rappers (like rap fans) think most rap sucks these days—except, of course, whatever music said rapper is peddling. Why not big up the refined styles of jazz or even indie rock instead of the tripe you hear on the radio, right? With that in mind, check out 10 Rappers Who Claim They Don't Listen To Rap.

Written by Nathan Susman (@brownnoiseblog) & Tyler Keyes (@tylerkeyes)

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