Whatever a rapper's reason to put on for their city—pride, civic responsibility, trolling for a fan base, the way a Braves cap looks perfect on tilt—nearly every one does. Rap is filled with references to the blocks, neighborhoods, and cities that helped raise rappers. So much so that you might sit back and listen to an album like The Chronic and imagine you're riding down Slauson Ave. Or you might bump Illmatic and feel like you can practically touch the concrete of the Queensbridge projects. 

Over time, rappers' hometowns become a part of their narrative; sometimes their sound even becomes associated with the region. But here's the thing: Not every rapper was actually born in the cities, towns, or boroughs they rep. That doesn't mean they're faking the funk, it just means they were born and lived their early life in places other than what they talk about in their songs. If you don't know, now you know: Here 20 Rappers Who Aren't From Where You Think They're From. Represent, represent!