Jay Z and Kanye West have one of the best collaborative relationships in hip-hop—and also one of the most rivalrous. That's why when Kanye announced the Yeezus tour this week alongside Kendrick Lamar, fans has to wait patiently—for a whole hour—for Jay to announce the Magna Carta World Tour North American dates. (Hahaha! These two guys are like Tom Cruise and Michael Rooker in Days of Thunder!)

Of course, Jay tickets go on sale before Kanye's. Now that's some serious "Big Brother" big-footing. (Think about the people who love Jay and Kanye, but maybe love Kanye just a little more, but can't afford tickets to see them both. Jay's pitting their preference against their patience!) You could see why Jay might be feeling a little testy this week, though. After all, he got the shit meme-d out of him just because some lucky paparazzo caught him mid-dive while celebrating Beyonce's birthday in Italy. And he doesn't look quite as good in a bathing suit as he does in a leather jacket. (Celebrity life can be unfair. It's hard to look cool while you're jumping into a pool.)

Ariana Grande dropped her debut album. We met Lebron James's mom's boyfriend, who is a rapper named Lambo. And Meek Mill dropped two diss songs this week.

All that and more in What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week? 

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