Papoose is serious.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Big Sean admitted, albeit indirectly, that he was unaware of Papoose's (say that out loud) existence. What really happened was that Sean was being asked about the responses to "Control," from which Papoose's name was brought up.

Sean responded, poetically: "Who?"

Papoose felt a way, and has already taken action in the form of a wildly direct diss record (over Sean's "First Chain"), aimed at Sean: "Big Sean album is trash, it sound wicked." He makes sure to mention some G.O.O.D. Music family members as well. On Mr. West: "Kanye wore a skirt, what was he trying to prove?" On Sean's lack of body mass: "Pusha must be selling the crack, and you smoking it." 

Mostly, Papoose's argument revolves around the "feminization" of rap music, a thesis he also felt the need to promote on his "Control" response. He's sick of all the skirt-wearing going on in this industry, and he mentions something about manliness only being allowed in sports. Hence corroborative lines such as: "Big Sean speak like a woman when he talk. When he having a seat, he keep his legs crossed."

Perhaps notable is the fact that this a response to, well, nothing. Big Sean is getting attacked by someone who, until now, did not exist in his consciousness. Listen to Papoose's response to the fact that he takes up absolutely no real estate in Big Sean's head, below:

[via RapXClusive]

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