So: Yesterday we introduced you to our favorite new rapper from Miami, Lambo, who also just so happens to be dating LeBron James's mom. He is now, as of today, an Internet Superstar.

Today, we discovered a few more things about him:

1. Real Name: Arthur Lambright, born October 2, 1982 (that actually makes him 30, you guys). This lead us to...

2. Mugshots! Lambo's been picked up by cops a couple of times, and has had more than his fair share of trouble with the law.

- In 1999—when he was 16—he was busted for robbery with an armed weapon.

- In 2000—when he was 18—he was busted for selling weed and cocaine at a school. Which also ended up yielding a "failure to appear" charge, too (thus violating his probation as well, a charge filed in early 2001).

- In 2008, he was arrested for cocaine possession. And posession of weed.

- In 2009, he was arrested for possession of weed, 0-20 grams. 

- And in 2010, he was arrested for felony second-degree grand theft and felony dealing in stolen property (though that one seemingly got thrown out, because no court action was taken on it). 

All in all, he's got nine records (not the rapping kind) and has been hit with 37 counts. He spent almost five years locked up in Franklin from 2002 to 2007. And they took note of his tattoos, too:

3. That said, he actually can take pictures with just himself and LeBron. See for yourself!

And here's Lambo and a Wu-Wear-rocking Drake:

And here's Lambo and Jeremy Shockey with the retired NFLer leaving a comment on his old Instagram account being like, "Call me".

4. Here's a video the Miami Heat made as a tribute to LeBron's 2012-13 MVP season. Included in the video are 'Bron's teammates, his coach, Pat Riley, Alonzo Mourning, and 4:17...

Needless to say, the Miami Heat—and the NBA, and Nike, and McDonald's, and Samsung—have quite a bit invested in LeBron. Even if Lambo has had a relatively clean record for the last two or three years, it may not be the best look for LeBron to be associated with him. Not to mention, Ma Dukes... association with whom he's obviously very proud of. Do enjoy the fruits born by the rest of Lambo's old Instagram account here.

[Side note: We can't find any more of his rap than this video, but Lambo, for real? If you want someone to premiere your mixtape, call us.]

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