Station: KMEL/Power 106
DJ: Sway & Tech
Best Punchline: "F they whole battalion/I chop your head off and wear your skull iced out for a medallion." (Ras Kass)

Ras Kass, RZA and Osirus together on The Wake Up Show? Yeah, that sounds kind of random now, but do remember that Ras Kass and the RZArector were working together rather closely back in 1998. And you never really knew when or where Dirty McGirt was going to pop up.

Although RZA was in Bobby Digital mode (did he have his mask on?) he didn't actually rhyme. If it's any consolation, he did serve as a master of ceremonies "blasting mad thoughts to y'all" and even offered his trademark “skoo dooo doooo doooo” noise.

A relatively sober and coherent Big Baby Jesus was able to master his unorthodox and very random flow: “I turn white boys to Sprinsteen, Spruce,” while Ras Kass's mind-bending bars definitely left heads scratching: “I write my rhymes in alien/And battle fools in sign language.”