Station: WKCR (89.9FM)
DJ: Stretch & Bobbito
Best Punchline: “Stacks I'm betting 'em, bitches I'm deading 'em, perps I'm wetting 'em/Niggas buying records while I'm setting 'em.” (Cam'ron)

Picture this: at one time the collective of Killa Cam, Big L, Murder Ma$e (P. Diddy named him pretty!), McGruff and Bloodshed were searching for a record deal to no avail. Yep, Harlem's Children Of The Corner were possibly the best rap group that never really happened. Although they made dozens of hot records, the group hit about four years too early.

Before disbanding in search of solo success, the Children dropped by Stretch & Bobbito's show to demonstrate how they rock in Harlem World. While we all have a good laugh hearing Mason Betha kicking that tough talk, it was Cameron Giles who came with the killer quotables: “Stacks I'm betting 'em, bitches I'm deadin' 'em, perps I'm wettin' 'em/Niggas buying records while I'm settin' 'em.”

Unfortunately, two of the former group members (Big L and Bloodshed) are now deceased, so we'll never get to see a proper reunion. Not that we need another comeback from Mase or anything.

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