Produced by: Mobb Deep

Prodigy: “That was one of those days we brought the whole crew with us to the studio, and was like, ‘Alright, today you’re going to rhyme, you’re going to rhyme, and you’re going to rhyme.’ We were trying to make niggas rhyme, but niggas wasn’t rappers. The original ‘Q.U.—Hectic’ has a few people on it: Both the Twins, Big Noyd, Gotti, Godfather, Ty Nitty, and a bunch of people were rhyming on that.

“It was pretty long but we tried to make it as short as possible. Then it got changed around to where it was just me and Hav further into the album. [On the album version] the beat was a little different. We made it a little tighter and we ended up changing it just a little bit.

“When we used to go to the club back in the days when we made that song, it was about 50 or 60 of us. We were actually going to the club to beat people up, to get into fights. That was fun. So go drink, party, wild-out with the girls, and get into a fight. That’s what that whole song was about, just representing Queens every time you go out to the club.

“My grandfather left me his whole jazz record collection so we had hundreds and hundreds of records. And we used to go shopping for records. We was digging in the old record stores, getting our hands dirty, dusty, and shit. I used to buy most of the records for Mobb Deep, so my whole technique was I’d just go in the record store and I’d just look at the year.

“Anything from the ‘70s, because I’m young. I don’t know who these groups are and what their music sounds like. The only thing I know is James Brown and Marvin Gaye. So you’ve got all these shits to choose from, so I just came up with a different theory because I seen that most of the records that was hot samples was from the ‘70s. So I would go in the record store like, ‘Give me everything from the ‘70s.’”

Havoc: “[As far as records that were sampled] they just came from different places. My father was a DJ back in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, so he had a lot of records. My grandmother had a lot of records in her house too. And Prodigy had a lot of records because his grandfather was a jazz musician, so he had all sorts of jazz records. P’s grandfather was named Bud Johnson and he was cool with Quincy Jones, so there was a lot of Quincy Jones albums amongst P’s grandfather’s collection. So that’s where you get the Quincy Jones sample [of ‘Kitty With The Bent Frame’] on that song.”

Matty C a.k.a. Matt Life (Executive Producer and A&R for Loud Records): “There were two songs. There was a ‘Q.U.’ originally that didn’t come out and ‘Hectic.’ I think ‘Hectic’ became ‘Q.U.—Hectic.’ I’ve got an old tape and it’s a James Brown [sample] of, ‘We about to get hectic.’ But I’m not sure. I think the rhymes [on ‘Q.U.—Hectic’] were the rhymes from [the original] ‘Hectic.’”

Schott Free (Executive Producer and A&R for Loud Records): “That's all Hav right there. I'm not even sure if Tip came to touch that. By the end of the record, Hav had it. His production expertise was like he was a top tier producer.”

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