Gorilla Zoe "Lost" (2008) "I was playing beats for Gorilla Zoe at Block's studio. They picked out like four or five beats. I was just trying to play him some different shit, because he had gotten more into singing hooks. He was trying to make sure he was on the hook, because he was understanding a little more about publishing. He was trying different elements with his voice. I wanted to give him something that people could sing and put melody on. The beats were hard, but had melody on them.

"I left the studio after I played the beats for them. I think I had another session, and came back. I thought, 'Damn, that's the beat y'all picked?' That's how it always goes. You think they going to pick number one, but they pick number four. Gorilla Zoe represented the way the music made him feel. It's a zoned out, ride-out track. A lot of my slow stuff become very big singles. I keep telling people it's not all about tempo. Everyone thinks they need something to play in the club. The number one club record doesn't always equal the number one radio or chart record."